The premier Aura Camera Machine brings effective and precise aura photography biofeedback-equipped tools for crystal clear human energy readings. Using the latest Aura Photography tactics, the 3D aura image software displays chakra results and real-time aura at the same time – creating a result that is utterly breathtaking.

Only capturing your aura is not enough. The biofeedback data is critical for gaining a complete insight into your aura. The science primarily revolves around comprehending your body’s reaction to different situations and thoughts. Using this information, which comes from an in-depth analysis of your body’s reactions, an aura camera can make a comprehensive report related to your aura.

How Do Aura Cameras Work?

Aura cameras are designed to capture your aura, chakras and other related data, process it and then present it on a computer screen in real-time and physical print reports. These cameras make use of a hand biosensor to calculate biofeedback data. All you do is simply put your hand on the sensor and the temperature and electro-dermal activity of the hand’s skin will be measured in real-time. It will then be processed, interrelated and presented as an aura representation of your energetic movement on a computer monitor.

The aura image shown is a depiction of the person’s bio-energetic field, personality and energetic wellness, and emotional-energetic state – elements that assist you in measuring the health of your spiritual and inner self.