aura camera technology

Aura Technology

Some people have the gift of seeing auras, but not all of us are lucky enough to have this ability. This is where aura technology comes in. Today, it’s possible to capture images of your own aura which reveal details about your emotional, mental, physical state and your personality type etc. An aura camera provides colorful photographs of the energy field around your body.

Understanding Aura Technology- The Basics

Aura cameras are specifically used to give people a visual of their unique bio-energetic state. The system uses biofeedback technologies such as skin temperature and galvanic skin response to measure these physiological inputs. The inputs get into digital displays via a computer interface. The camera essentially gives an illustration of what exactly your aura should look like.

This is because auras aren’t physical things that can be quantified or measured; they can only be observed. Many researchers have also found some connection between clairvoyance and galvanic skin response. They have used this concept and research to design special aura cameras that provide these illustrative outputs. While these aren’t actual auras, the colorful illustrations give a very accurate result of the real aura.

Working of Aura Imaging Systems

These cameras are highly advanced. The system is made up of components such as the biosensor, the aura camera and the software that helps decode the electrical energy and temperatures of the person to determine their unique aura characteristics. This is how the system is used:

  • The very first step is to place your hand to the biosensor; this allows it to quickly detect your electro-dermal activity (electrical impulses) and temperature. These sensitive sensors measure the skin’s electrical resistance (galvanic response) that varies according to moisture & salt levels. The former is influenced by fluid, diet, fluid, health, emotion, mood, temperature activity etc.
  • The biosensor takes the electrical resistance readings, runs them through an electronic processor attached to the camera. Inside the aura camera, a special optical coloring device accurately creates the variable pattern of various colored lights that get beamed directly onto the film when the picture is taken. This is what gives the illusion of the colorful aura surrounding the individual; it’s the image you receive via sensor readings. In short, the data works in tandem with the aura camera to capture a perfect photographic representation of the aura.
  • When getting your aura photograph done, there are two options to choose from. You can just get the aura photo taken and use it as your profile photo on social media or anywhere else you like. The second option is to get your aura photo with a detailed analysis of what the colors indicate.
  • The data that’s received from the biosensor & the camera create numerous pages of reports. These provide descriptions to portray the person’s personality type, emotional energy, as well as the overall wellness statistics. This report will also have readings on your chakras, information about your individual personality traits and state of mind, and more.

There are many different colors comprising the energy field of a person and the dynamic nature of emotions body fluids and changing moods and more. This means every picture taken via an aura camera will be distinctly different every time (even for the same person).

Understanding What Kirlian Photography Is

Kirlian Photography is the basis of aura technology. It is a type of photogram that’s made with voltage. The technology derived its name from Semyon Kirlian, its creator. In 1939, he accidentally discovered that if any object lying a photographic plate is connected to a voltage source, an image will be produced on that photographic plate. Currently, Kirlian technology is the only technique that can be used to register the minute fragments of aura vibrations.

What Can Aura Technology Be Used For?

An aura camera is a special device used to take pictures of auras. The painless electric charge sent via the biometric tool into your hand helps capture the images of auras on photographic plates. The resultant images/photos can be used for cleansing, treatment, advice, guidance, balancing and more. It is an invaluable tool that provides computer images, photographs, or videos of energy flow and this is the technology which all aura cameras are centered on. The technology can be used to:


  • Visually monitor activity of the meridian system.
  • Graphically illustrate the overall effectiveness of health treatments prior to and after taking aura photos.
  • Observe the lack of energy flow or the flow of energy between people.
  • Make an effective connection between energy, body, and mind, clear to your clients.
  • Observe auras of animals, crystals, plants, foods etc.

Does An Aura Camera Actually Capture The Image Of An Aura?

Modern-day aura cameras are only able to reliably record an aura’s intensity distribution. While the original aura color information isn’t available, the aura’s intensity maps are generally “colored” to indicate the “cold” and “hot” spots. The colors and layers of our auric fields reveal the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of who we are and what our personality traits and abilities are.

Auric imaging photos can also have various color combinations. Depending on their position, shade, and intensity, it is possible to do a precise analysis. The results can be interpreted by healers, or health and wellness experts to help you adjust patterns if something is out of order. Aura photographs are an excellent biofeedback resource. They teach you about how the body-mind-spirit are interrelated and what your subtle auric energies are. This understanding helps you alter spiritual, emotional and physical patterns.

It’s possible to use the aura photography results to interpret thoughts and feelings and bring them to a higher level of conscious awareness. These readings & interpretations can be used as support in psychotherapy and athletics, alternative healing modalities, counseling, bodywork, and energy work. Aura technology is one way of providing some insight into the unseen and using that information to alter the manner in which we relate with people, treat ailments as well as our overall outlook in life.