Aura Camera Analysis

Aura photography and aura readings are all the buzz these days. That’s all well and good, but not everyone knows the art of reading aura photography. So, here are the basics, in case you are interested in getting an aura photo of yours taken or just wish to understand those celebs on a more spiritual level.

Rainbow Auras are mainly found in healers and those who are trained to understand and to work with the body’s energy fields. These people are in tune with their surroundings and nature and connected to the earth in ways that are alien to other people.

  • Yellow has a particular relation with the spleen and the individual’s energy source, known as “chi”. Generally, people with yellow auras are enthusiastic, playful and optimistic.
  • Orange is associated with creativity, independence, and confidence. Bright orange represents vibrancy and good health, but an excess of this hue could indicate that you are trying to fight an addiction.
  • Red is one of the most powerful colors found in an aura and can be both negative or positive. People with red auras are associated with passion, leadership, and strength.
  • Green means you are a healer, a teacher or someone who works for the public welfare.
  • Blue is associated with are helpers and those that are very intuitive. They remain calm in hectic times and make an excellent shoulder to cry on.


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