Aura Camera Analysis

We are often totally unaware of the amount of pain, beliefs, thoughts and emotional energy we hold onto every single day. We may have some emotional wounds from our childhood that have become embedded deep in our subconscious mind. But these wounds don’t really go away until they have been effectively dealt with and removed.

Getting an aura analysis done from an expert provides illumination and allows you to embark on the process of identifying damaging beliefs and thoughts and healing all those emotional wounds. Combining an aura analysis with professional energy healing is one of the most effective ways to relieve emotional imbalances and physical pains.

The concept of auras has been a fascinating topic for centuries now. We know that different people can have auras of different colors & intensities, but exactly what does that indicate? An aura analysis helps people understand what their aura colors mean and which aspect of their body, emotional state and feelings they relate to.

Skilled and experienced aura readers provide excellent resonant field imaging consultations that enable clients to see for themselves which auric colors they’re radiating, and what they mean with reference to their emotional and physiological levels.

Aura Analysis as Part of Aura Photography

Auras are the fields of luminous, subtle energy that surround people and objects. They are directly related to the soul, mind, and body. Human auras consist of observable & measurable components of this luminous energy field that interpenetrates as well as surrounds the body.

Scientists have developed equipment to detect these energy fields that emanate from our bodies to measure their frequencies. Life itself is now being redefined in terms of energy patterns and energy impulses. Aura cameras can capture the aura or invisible electromagnetic energy field that surrounds humans as well as animate objects.

How Is An Aura Analyzed?

The healer will look at the aura while conducting the healing session. They start with seeing the aura in their mind’s eye, and allow the imagery to flow in their mind. They are able to then identify what this energy represents with reference to the person’s emotional, mental and physical health.

Our thoughts are what control our emotions and the latter controls everything that our body manifests. It is believed that all illnesses have some emotional root cause; identifying the beliefs and thought patterns of the clients helps auric healers provide solid guidance on how to permanently heal their clients.

The Foundation of Aura Analysis

An aura photograph can also be used to analyze different regions of the body such as:

  • Centre- This is the region around the head. The color that shows up here depicts your unique personality.
  • Right- This side is related to energy.
  • Left- This is the side from which energy enters the body.

Aside from all these positions, some areas of the body will be further analyzed such as:

  • Throat– The color that surrounds the throat region represents verbal energy. It can identify how well you can express yourself verbally.
  • Heart– The color that surrounds the heart area is a representation of your feelings for yourself as well as the feelings you have for people you interact with.
  • Solar plexus– The aura color around this region is connected to power, money and the central vibrations of being. In fact, this is also the self-esteem center.
  • Reproductive area– The color in this region represents your ability to socialize & interact with people, the attitude you have towards life and your creativity.
  • The root region– This color relates to your physical plane and material reality.

Different Aspects Of Aura Analysis

The data that has been collected at the energy level and the physical level can be used to accurately diagnose and detect a number of things.

  • It can be used to detect existing diseases and future illnesses.
  • By analyzing the energy field that emanates from the human body, it is possible to detect maladies well before they appear.
  • Factors such as the mind’s stress level, the person’s IQ level, concentration problems etc. can be analyzed.
  • Get detailed reports of various aspects of psychophysiological
  • Detailed examination and accurate assessment of the problems (if any) in the various systems and organs in the body.
  • Aura analysis can reveal a comprehensive view of the person’s physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual
  • It is possible to identify the hyper energy and low energy areas and provide a detailed health report.
  • Assessing the person’s effective energy potential.
  • An aura study gives the healer deeper insights into the person’s physical and mental health, personal attachments, successes and more.
  • This analysis also outlines various personality traits and the behavioral pattern of the client.
  • Helps identify the inherent healing powers that a person has.
  • Helps detect applied intellect levels.
  • Detecting the person’s level and understanding of spirituality.

In addition to this a detailed aura analysis also helps:

  • Detect emotional blockages that are affecting the client’s life.
  • Provide insight into your life, health and wealth in the near future.
  • Detect success factor related to wealth, work and power.
  • The current frequency and alignment of your seven chakras and various aspects connected with the body and mind.
  • Provide a detailed description of organs, mental activities, and systems affected by their related chakras.
  • Assess stress levels, mental constitution, sensitivity, and behavior.
  • Determine a person’s activity limit and psycho-physical ability.
  • Detect the influence of food items and the environment.
  • Assess psychological compatibility, personality characteristics the person has with his/her chosen occupation or career.
  • Assess the person’s capacity to perform well in sports.
  • Determine an athlete’s psychophysiological potential to effectively evaluate and improve their performance.
  • Detect the curative possibilities of infertility sooner.

Regardless of the physical, emotional or mental ailments the person is suffering from, the aura healer will always aim to change thought patterns. The objective is to identify which beliefs and thoughts are actually creating those health or emotional problems.

Once they find these, the healer will inform the client of where the root cause lies. They will then start the process of examining and releasing all the negative, illness-causing thoughts and beliefs and this the path to true auric healing.


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