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Recognizing who you are is a tremendous leap toward identifying the best direction to follow in life!


Inneractive’s goal is to help individuals gain a higher level of understanding and self awareness, so they can blossom into true greatness.

Aura Camera Machine - Aura Clouds

Introducing – AURACLOUD 3D™





The premier Aura Camera Machine – IES AuraCloud 3D™ offers precise and effective aura photography biofeedback-enriched tools for crystal clear human energy readings.
Aura Camera Machine - AuraCloud 3D

Aura Camera Machine - AuraCloud 3D



Utilizing the newest Aura Photography techniques, stunning 3D aura images software displays real-time aura and chakra results simultaneously.

New data-management programs allow easy storage of all readings and client profiles for future reference and treatment validation.



Now, with Aura Camera 3D, you have the tools to сap tackle mind and body therapy from every angle!

One of our experienced aura consultants will guide you through a journey of human energy exploration and how AuraCloud can expand your business to a higher level.

Aura Camera Machine - AuraCloud 3D


Expanding Human Potential through Innovative Technology

At Inneractive, we believe that knowledge is power — the power of individuals to expand their potential and augment their natural abilities through higher awareness. We provide that power through biofeedback-enhanced technology. 

Inspired by over a decade of scientific research and precision engineering, our state-of-the-art our Aura Cameras combine aura and energy imaging with live digital video.

This Aura Photography Technology is having a major impact on healthcare practitioners like therapists and acupuncturists as well as retailers and special event planners worldwide.

With Aura Cameras they are successfully leveraging the vast powers of biofeedback to help their patients, customers and clients gain greater understanding and inner knowledge — creating greater opportunities for everyone!

Indeed, the sky is the limit.





What does the AURA CAMERA reveal?

Your base glows a vibrant orange, reflecting your foundation of confidence and courage. Yet the core of your aura radiates green – you are a natural healer and very sociable! Others seem to sense your optimism and intellect, judging by the warm yellow in the right field of your aura.

Aura_Camera_ Bar_Graphs



The amazing thing about life is that we always have the opportunity to see a new day. What happened yesterday has no bearing on what will happen in the present. The only thing we bring with us as we travel forward through time our story about who we are or who we were told we were supposed to be. 


Turn to your heart chakra to find forgiveness

What it means to forgive is different to everyone. Some believe that it implies that the other person has permission to hurt you. Others feel that it is a release of resentment. There probably a few dozen more descriptions that others use to justify their stance.



I recently came across this beautifully stated quote, “Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see” by William Newton Clarke. I have always felt that you rely on faith to take you where the spirit and soul want to go. The 7th Chakra relates to a higher order—spiritual connection and spiritual language that transcend mundane physical limitations.



What if we lived each moment of each day truly content knowing that all is well? The job that was lost, the deal that didn’t close, the hardship that doesn’t seem to end, all designed for us to get us closer to relying and trusting divine order. Hardship’s tests our endurance and development muscles where we must grow and get stronger to over come obstacles. It’s never about the “what” of a situation but instead the “who”  we become on the journey.


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