Aura Cameras

Aura is the energy field that every living thing possesses. According to Eastern philosophy, it’s this energy field that keeps us healthy; any disruption in this flow of energy manifests itself as a disease in the physical body. Every little thing in the universe is no more than a vibration. Every elementary particle, every electron and every part of an atom, as well as human consciousness and our thoughts are all nothing but vibrations.

What Are Auras Comprised Of?

So an aura can also be defined as the electro-photonic vibration response of objects to some external stimuli like an ambient light etc. The most vital property of an Aura is the fact that it holds information about that person or object. Auras around living things like humans, animals, and plants alter over time and in some cases very quickly as well. Auras around non-living things like water and stones are fixed, but it’s possible to change them via conscious intent.

While aura photography and aura healing seems to be a more recent trend, the fact is that this technology has been in existence for over five decades. The aura that surrounds humans is composed of UV light, infrared light, and electromagnetic radiation. The infrared and low-frequency microwave components are related to our circulation, metabolism and DNA structure.

On the other hand, the UV component which is related to higher frequencies is associated with various conscious activities such as emotions, creativity, intentions, thinking and sense of humor etc. By reading an aura, it’s possible to identify maladies long before any of their symptoms are clearly visible.

What Is Aura Reading All About?

Auras are essentially your body’s electromagnetic radiance and are formed by the chakra system that exists in every living thing. Your chakra system is an internal energetic system that constantly flows right through your body. It reflects your state of wellbeing and consciousness through the various qualities that shine through in your aura.

By examining your aura, it is possible to determine where the energy deficiencies may lie within your chakra system. The aura healer can then work on them through various energy healing & crystal healing techniques. In simple words, your aura’s colors are a reflection of the state of your vital energy bodies (chakras), abilities, thoughts, and emotions.

By consciously controlling auras, people can actually heal themselves very effectively. However, healing the physical body is a very small part of what observing and reading auras can do for our awareness, spiritual development, and consciousness.

About Aura Photography

This is where aura photography comes in. Aura photography is the process in which an image is rendered to display your aura’s electromagnetic field. Our specialized equipment captures your aura’s colorful spectrum.

The state-of-the-art aura camera machine allows for precise and effective aura photography tools with bio-feedback, for outstandingly clear human energy readings. Our advanced 3D aura imaging software uses the latest technology to display real-time aura and the chakra results simultaneously, creating a truly breathtaking result.

But simply capturing an aura isn’t sufficient. The biofeedback data is crucial for gaining a comprehensive insight into the aura. This reading is a science that involves comprehending your body’s reaction to various thoughts and situations. The information comes from analyzing your body’s reactions, and the aura camera will then outline a report related to your aura.

When you get your aura read by skilled professionals that also use the latest equipment like the ones we offer, it helps you increase your awareness of this dynamic energy field that completely surrounds you, and the manner in which it helps maintain wellness and health. The healer will then provide you guidance and show you techniques of getting rid of negativity and improving your aura.

Aura Photography- How it Works

There are a number of different aspects that go into the working of aura photography:

  • Biofeedback probes very effectively pick up the person’s spiritual energy.
  • The camera then displays this information in the form of a multi-colored, multi-hued field around your body.
  • These colors are a reflection of the person’s spiritual & chakra state.
  • The energy field constantly changes as the individual moves from one experience to the next. However, the overall aura has a very healthy equilibrium that reflects in very consistent colors from various long-term

The right type of aura camera gives you the opportunity to see the condition of your chakras and the colors of your aura. The information is presented on graphs and provides the client the opportunity to make positive changes that will enhance their aura.

The Aura Photo Set Generally Includes…

  • A headshot photo– This is the actual photo of the person, with their aura surrounding their upper torso. It shows his/her dominant aura color as well as the characteristics associated with that color.
  • Analysis photo– This full body computer generated photo silhouette shows the person’s aura, the condition of their chakras, and it gives biofeedback graphs about the subject.
  • General Reference Sheet– This is essentially a summary of the different charts and the aspects they measure. It is an excellent reference point for a person when he/she goes back home and looks over their photo again.

More About Aura Imaging

Aura photography is completely based on empirical research, the roots of which are found in various ancient cultures. The concept of auras and our understanding of them has evolved significantly over the centuries and today, there are various photography methods via which auras can be read. Aura healers use aura imaging to understand which aspect of their client’s lives need some energy healing.

The display of the vibrations from an aura and various technical measurements provide the reader an objective view of the state of your body, mind, and soul. Based on their readings, they use methods such as meditation, acupressure, and acupuncture in their treatments. These work in tandem with other healing methods (like stone healing) to work on the different chakra bodies that auras stem from.

Aura imaging can be used to help reach the root of your illness or problem and allow you a clear view of what your aura is saying about you. While aura reading and subsequent aura healing and balancing can help heal a person, accurate and reliable tools like advanced cameras, biofeedback equipment, and software need to be used to achieve the best results.

It is our simple objective to offer the best aura imaging and aura photography equipment, not just to aura readers and healers, but also to health & wellness professionals and individuals that have a deep interest in aura reading as a hobby too.