Aura Cameras for Sale!

You already provide a meaningful experience. An aura camera makes it unforgettable.

The spiritual wellness field is like no other. People seek you out because you provide unique, personal and life-changing experiences of healing and understanding. Whatever path someone has taken to reach you, state-of-the-art aura imaging is a powerful tool that can dissolve stereotypes and build trust.

Imagine being able to send your clients home with detailed, printed-out reports describing their aura-energy and chakra balance! Each time you perform a reading using your aura camera, you have the option to share:

  • A headshot photo: the image of the person’s head and upper torso surrounded by the aura
  • An analysis image: a computer-generated full-body silhouette showing the person’s aura and the condition of their chakras
  • A set of charts displaying information about the client’s aura
  • A reference sheet that explains what’s being shown on the charts

With an aura camera, you can display and analyze auras in real time.

Our imaging technology isn’t just for take-home photos or readouts. In fact, most aura camera owners use our system for its real-time applications: The technology is capable of analyzing changes in the moment, delivering instant readings and displays. This capability can make the aura camera a highly effective marketing tool, helping you upsell your services by showcasing before-and-after aura readings.

How does the aura camera work?

Our computer-based camera system collects data from a hand sensor and uses proprietary algorithms to depict our interpretation of aura and chakra states on your computer monitor along with a printed report. Our algorithms are based on many years of aura study, color analysis, and deep knowledge of chakra beliefs passed down from many ancient cultures.

Using the aura camera is a simple three-step process:

  1. Position the person in front of the aura camera.
  2. Instruct the person to rest his/her hand on the sensor, which is provided along with the aura camera and software.
  3. The computer renders the information collected from the camera and the sensor in a multicolored aura and chakra display that moves and changes in real time.

Printouts are available in several languages, including English, Spanish. German to name just a few.

How might you benefit from having an aura camera?

We’re delighted to serve a wide variety of professionals who have told us about the many applications they’ve found for our technology.

Retail store owners can use aura cameras to:
  • Guide clients toward spiritual wellness by recommending aromatherapy, crystals, books, or other products with the help of aura readings
  • Demystify chakra and aura beliefs for newcomers with a visual explanation
  • Generate an additional income stream by charging clients for reports, images, or aura reading sessions
Wellness practitioners can use aura cameras to:
  • Check clients’ auras and chakra balance before and after sessions or track their progress with printable reports
  • Review real-time readings on the computer monitor with clients to discuss next steps
  • Educate clients about auras and chakras with the help of a personalized visual aid
Event exhibitors can use aura cameras to:
  • Catch people’s eyes at holistic events, psychic fairs, and festivals
  • Break the ice or make people feel comfortable expressing their interest in understanding their auras and chakras
  • Earn some additional income by charging for reports, images, or aura reading sessions

Above all, we strive to provide the most useful aura imaging equipment to anyone who takes an interest in aura reading, including not only wellness professionals but also individuals. We support people who want to raise awareness about spiritual beliefs, and we seek to empower them to connect in a new way, bringing deeply revered ancient practices into the modern age.

If you think you might be able to use aura camera technology to expand horizons, open up new possibilities, or connect with others in a unique way, please feel free to contact us here.